52 minutes | Nov 18, 2020

19: Rock of Love- Superfan Challenge & Vegas Baby! (S1 E8 &9)

BUCKLE UP, because in this episode Sam and Manda come unglued when things are just too 2007 to handle. We learn that the politically correct term for a groupie is a "super fan", but they'll always just be "star fuckers" to Heather. We say goodbye to one of our favorite contestants, right before the girls hit the road for Vegas. We'll give you a glimpse of Bret's extravagant lifestyle while he stays in the penthouse suite of THE Red Rock Hotel & Casino located in a highly desirable spot, located only 20 miles away from the Las Vegas Strip. Haven't heard of it??? NEITHER HAVE WE. Join us this week for our coverage of episodes 8&9 of VH1's Rock of Love!
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