37 minutes | Nov 25, 2020

Episode 7 - Casey Gueren, Author + Editorial Director

In Episode 7, we talk to Casey Gueren, author of a forthcoming book all about managing health anxiety (#2020Relevant), currently the editorial director at kinship, previously Health Director then Executive Editor at SELF Magazine, and Health Editor at BuzzFeed News.We talked about what it was like to work as an executive editor at a wellness media brand, as the pandemic was hitting, and as she was finishing writing her book about living with and managing health anxiety (spoiler: really f*cking hard). We also talked about the vital role of responsibly packaging and sharing health information that can positively impact other's lives, and how reading magazines like Seventeen and YM growing up influenced her career trajectory. You'll love hearing about the person who made her great - his work ethic is unmatched, and it helped Casey become who she is today.Thank you to Lionel T. Djaowe for our music. Find us on Instagram at @WhoMadeYouGreat.
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