2 minutes | Dec 30, 2019

Welcome to Who Dis? - Interviews with artists discussing disability, mental health, and chronic illness

Well, Hello there! I'm Liz Komos, the creator of Who Dis? I am a comedian, performer and producer living in Chicago, Illinois trying to improve the landscape of performance opportunities for all bodies and brains. In 2019, I started the Who Dis? Live Show, a variety show featuring artists from the mental health, chronic illness, and disability communities. Each show opens with the performers showcasing themselves as s as artists first and their illnesses second. I close every show with a group interview, where together, we discuss the intersection of art and health. It was these conversations that inspired me to create this podcast. Why should you listen to me? Well hell, I have been disabled my whole life! I was born with a birth defect and have collected various health issues throughout my time spinning on this blue dot. I spent much of my earlier years thinking I was not abled enough to fit into the abled world, nor disabled enough to claim that space either.Today I don’t try to fit in, I carve out my own space and implore you to do the same. This podcast features voices from strong, talented, empowered humans and I cannot wait to share with you the stories from their lives. In listening to the Who Dis? Podcast I hope you will find that you relate to our guests in more ways that you are different from them, I hope you will find truth in yourself as well, because what we’re really talking about here is the human condition, and how creativity and health are interwoven into the fabric of these artists lives. New episodes are released every Friday.The podcast is hosted by Liz Komos and produced by Jack Mathews. You can find more information on the Who Dis? Podcast or the Who Dis? Live Show at www.whodisshow.com on the web, on Instagram or Facebook at @WhoDisShow, or on Twitter at @TheWhoDisShow. If you want to talk about the show, feel free to use the hashtag #WhoDis.
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