36 minutes | Jan 24, 2020

3. Terri Lynne Hudson - "The Ableist Gaze"

The Who Dis? Podcast is a show featuring performers from the disability, chronic illness, and mental health communities. This week, we welcome Terri Lynne Hudson to the show. Terri Lynne is an actor, performer, and disability activist in Chicago, IL. She was born with spina bifida, which among other things, greatly affects her mobility. We have a raw and frank discussion about access for disabled theater performers, stereotypes of disabled people and people of color in the media, and the barriers, both physical and mental, of finding work as a disabled actor. We also discover that she uses Twitter exclusively to stalk a country singer, but it’s ok because he knows it.You can follow Terri Lynne on Facebook or Twitter at @TerriLynneHudso This episode was hosted by Liz Komos and produced by Jack Mathews. You can find more information on the Who Dis? Podcast or the Who Dis? Live Show at www.whodisshow.com on the web, on Instagram or Facebook at @WhoDisShow, or on Twitter at @TheWhoDisShow. If you want to talk about the show, feel free to use the hashtag #WhoDis.This episode was recorded at the Chicago Public Library.
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