45 minutes | Mar 13, 2020

10. Maria Konopken - "A Person Named Stacy That I Hate"

This week, we welcome Maria Konopken to the show. Maria is an improviser and burlesque dancer in Chicago with a general anxiety diagnosis. We discuss how family and other support systems with anxiety, healthy it is to fully "open up" to an audience, and her love of burlesque.You can follow Maria on on Instagram at @MariaKonopken.Who Dis? is hosted by Liz Komos and produced by Jack Mathews. You can find more information on the Who Dis? Podcast or the Who Dis? Live Show at www.whodisshow.com on the web, on Instagram or Facebook at @WhoDisShow, or on Twitter at @TheWhoDisShow. If you want to talk about the show, feel free to use the hashtag #WhoDis.This episode was recorded at the iO Theatre. The iO Theatre is home to Chicago’s best improv comedy with shows 7 nights a week. They offer classes in improv, writing, and more! Visit ioimprov.com for a full schedule. 
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