108 minutes | Sep 28th 2020

Serving Fierce, Legendary, Galore Tea (W/ Mijon Zulu, Nick Probst, & The Lady Galore)

We are beyond honored, humbled, and gooped as we gaggle and giggle with the Lovely Lady Galore! A staple of the Amsterdam Drag scene, a leader, and innovator. She’s just inspirational. The drag mother of Miss Abby OMG and “step” drag mother of Patty Pam Pam has a lot of love and truth to share! 
About our guest: This Diva isn't your regular Queen honey, she's Fierce, Legendary and Galore!
Please meet the glamourous Lady Galore, hailing from Amsterdam and created in 2009. After only 2 years of performing in the Netherlands, she has been strutting her stuff on an international level. Lady Galore has been performing in Shanghai, Tokyo, New York, Chicago, Sydney, Melbourne, Paris, Berlin, Belfast, Glasgow and Stockholm, just to name a few. 
After 200 solo shows, it was time to step up her game and Lady Galore invented a couple of huge concepts like  “the GALORE Stage” on Europes Biggest gay festival “Milkshake Festival” and she is programming Europes biggest gay ski event “European Gay Ski Week” where she invites tons of Queens from all over the world to perform and show you the art of Drag. 
Besides performing live on stage, Lady Galore acted in 2 movies and has won several awards / prizes for the documentary: Galore. Made by Dyzlo film. A film about her career, traveling the world, extraordinary lifestyle and winning everyone's heart. In 2019 she hosted “The Diva In Mij”, the first-ever Dutch TV-show presented by Drag Queens together with Envy Peru and Hoax Le Beau. In 2021 she will release her first book about her life and the dutch Drag scene.
Last but not least, Lady Galore has been honored to be an Amsterdam Gay Pride Ambassador and has been organizing the Gay Pride Boat with Drag Queens United yearly since 2012. 
“Let’s make more GLAMOUR!”

Questions and Issues Addressed: 
Dutch drag scene and how it has changed I’ve the years. Drag Race watch parties. Miss Abby OMG and Patty Pam Pam as drag babies. Scarlet Bobo’s trips to Europe. Creating a drag incubator. Drag Queens working together. Gay Pride in Amsterdam happens on boats! Why did Lady Galore said no to Drag Race? Splits and lip syncing? Can it be too much? How do the queens respect the judges when there are no Drag Queens on the panel? What did Roem Say when she left? What is up with the translation? Janey Jacké’s “stage presence”. Plastic surgery and queens. Diversity in the show and the drag scene in Holland. What on earth was the actual Maxi-Challenge? Which drag queens had major funds fo their outfits. Who actually won the Patty VS Madness lip sync?



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