61 minutes | Apr 26, 2017

#159 - Andres Taboada, Paul Julmeus and James Pate

This week we are joined by Andres Taboada, Paul Julmeus and James Pate! Clips this week from Rocket History, Fitzdog Radio, The Farming Podcast, Family Ghosts, Dumb People Town and My Brother, My Brother And Me. We asked these old Floridian friends if you could be the first person to pee anywhere, what place would it be? What music do you want to share with aliens? What is your morning routine? What two movies would you like to mash-up? How would you hide from the law? And, whats the dumbest thing an adult let you do as a kid? Check out our sponsors Pod Hive, Hemp Box, Uncalled Four, Sexy Pizza, and Sexpot Comedy!
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