37 minutes | May 31, 2020

The challenges of showing up and fitting in

In this episode we get to hear stories from Dr Suzy Cater, an acclaimed expert in conversion copy writing and messaging, who helps women entrepreneurs use the power of words to get noticed, without holding back or censoring themselves.

The tagline of Suzy's business gives me chills, it reads 'words that go deep for women making waves.' Mmm how yummy is that!

Haling from the small country of Wales, Suzy later moved to the bright lights and big city of New York in the USA. We'll hear what led Suzy from a career in academia to entrepreneurship and why she loves working with female entrepreneurs so much. We'll hear childhood stories of being a square peg in a round hole and doing her best to fit in. And we discuss the challenges of showing up and saying what you want to say.

Want more?? We're not surprised!

When she's not crafting career-changing website copy and supporting her high-profile clients with their messaging, you can find Suzy chasing after her baby daughter, visiting her family in the UK, or binge-watching Great British Bake-Off episodes. Suzy is a prize-winning researcher whose work has appeared in numerous podcasts, academic reviews, and publications such as Thrive Global and The Sunday Times of London. She holds degrees with Honors from New York University and the University of Oxford, and resides just outside of New York City.

You can learn more about her work (and take her free quiz, "What's your wealth-creating messaging personality?") on her website at www.suzycater.com. You can also join her free Facebook community, where she guides women entrepreneurs to use their voices in powerful, game-changing ways, in the Facebook group The Wealth-Creating Messaging Club.

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The Wealth-Creating Messaging Club - well worth joining this for all the juicy goodies Suzy provides!

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