60 minutes | Jul 10, 2021

Ep. 36 The Co-Founders of The Adoptee Collective

 The co-founder and executive director of The Adoptee Collective reached out to me about a possible collaboration. She and I instantly hit it off. Heather Enright is not an adoptee but has an in-depth perspective having worked as a social worker for 19 years. After watching my panel series she had the intuitive ping to leave her current job and start a journey as an advocacy for adoptee . The first thing she said to me was, “I wait to be invited to the table, I don’t expect a seat.” My mind was blown—Such grace and humility from a non-adoptee! She Started The Adoptee Collective with Kara Donaldson, who is an adoptee. Their organization is built on all the different entry points of adoption. The Adoptee Collective acknowledges the adoptee constellation and how with  diverse perspectives all aiming at the same destination, they can reform the system. Powerful stuff, right? Now you know why I brought both of these amazing women to chat today to strategize on how we're going to change the world.www.laniseantoineshelley.com@youngadopee@lantoineshttps://www.theadopteecollective.com/Name drop:Brene BrownKaryn Purvis https://child.tcu.edu/#sthash.Jsdp6jZI.dpbsIntro Outro
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