66 minutes | Jun 12, 2021

Ep. 32 Dr. Charmaine Borda & Dr Juliana Olson Deans: Sisterhood In Times of Grief

I lost my grandmother, and my aunt Juliana lost her mother about a month ago.We asked Dr. Charmaine Borda to interview myself and my biological aunt, Dr Juliana  Olson- Deans, because Charmaine is a close friend of Juliana’s and I have loved getting to know her this last year. Both of these women are adoptees who work as clinical psychologists in the world— they have a beautifully 3 dimension view of the trauma, truth and the healing that encases adoption.I’m deeply grateful that they have returned yet again to impart wisdom and sister ship. @youngadoptee@lantoineswww.laniseantoineshelley.comIntro Outro
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