31 minutes | Oct 23rd 2020

America in the world

This week, Katty Kay and Carlos Watson turn their attention to American foreign policy. The Trump administration made radical changes to the United States’ role on the world stage with its America First doctrine. Some say he spoke truth to power; others lament the upending of norms which guided international relations for decades. Katty and Carlos are joined by former UN Ambassador and Pulitzer Prize-winning author Samantha Power, and American Enterprise Institute senior fellow Danielle Pletka, to ask if historians will look on the Trump administration more favourably in the future than in the present, and what a possible Biden presidency might mean for America’s relationships around the world. Editor: Penny Murphy Produced by Viv Jones, Iyore Odighizuwa, Maeve McGoran and Jonelle Awomoyi, and Suzanne Kianpour Mixed by Nigel Appleton
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