14 minutes | Jan 3, 2021

The wheel of Life

This new year, understand that the journey of life has to be made by everybody! It's a mandatory requirement as the Universal law is to be always in motion. Now! to make a journey on the road of circumstances, one needs a wheel and that it must be round, in order to make the journey fast and comfortable. Unfortunately, many of us have our life wheels of many shapes other than round, hence we face difficulties and jerks in our journey of life that make us uncomfortable. Understand the nuances of living meaningfully based on his book "When I Met Myself" in the voice of the author himself and prepare yourself to perform this journey of your life too, comfortably! Understand the concept of a circle in our life, which stands for growth and decay, start and end, high and low, ups and downs, bad and good & happiness and sadness. Understand that the only permanent thing in the Universe is a "change".Nothing remains stationary, everything is in motion . Every atom has electrons revolving around the nucleus. The whole Universe is in motion, all planets all-stars, and all galaxies.No one can escape from this phenomenon. Understand the three basic universal principles: 1. Growth  & Decay. 2. Motion or change. 3. Attraction and repulsion. Transform your life by subscribing to this podcast channel by the author. Get connected to the Author through Facebook, Twitter (When I Met Myself), Telegram, Youtube (shreyanshdixit8), mail (dixitshreyansh8@gmail.com), Linkedin, Instagram and do visit the site  https://www.shreyanshdixit.in The book " When I Met Myself" is based on discovering 19 principles of living meaningfully and is available at Amazon and Flipkart and crossword stores in India. Just type in " When I Met Myself " on amazon and lay hands on this book as an ebook, paperback, and Kindle edition.
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