15 minutes | Feb 22, 2021

Becoming aware about the environment and technique to control thoughts and succeed.

Environment (or circumstances ) are an integral part of our existence and it keeps changing from time to time. Nothing exists or rather coexists without it. One should learn the trick of becoming aware of self and the environment, by doing so, existence becomes an enjoyable event. One should keep one"s ego but put one"s foot on it. Having self-belief and using the tools of imagination, discipline, and persistence, one can achieve anything in one"s life. The problem is that by default bombardment of negative thoughts in our mind is a natural tendency and in order to do away with these negative thoughts. It becomes necessary to have full control over one"s mind because that is the absolute authority that has been given to every one of us. Nobody can control our minds, however, close they may be to us including spouses, children, and parents. Here is a small talk about these aspects of life. Keep listening to these podcasts and subscribe to them. You may also contact the author of this book titled - When I Met Myself on which this podcast series based. The book is available on Amazon and is published through crossword in India. You may contact the author at dixitshreyansh8@gmail.com OR visit the site   https://www.shreyanshdixit.in
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