22 minutes | Jun 1st 2018

How To Market on Facebook, YouTube, and Deal with Addiction – Wheelhouse Podcast 02

Everyone needs some how-to advice sometimes. I know I do. In this episode, I start handing out advice to those that reached out to me. This advice covers serval topics. I have so much fun doing this! I really hope the advice in this episodes helps you as well! DISCLAIMER: I’m not a trained professional. I do have lots of resources. I am giving the same advice I’d give a friend in my living room. Why I’m doing these Help people find work that they love Help people advertise/market the work they love effectively How to contact me for advice Facebook Messenger Email – bobbyshirley.com/advice Leave me a voicemail – 256-978-9757 Stories Daniel (last name withheld) emailed me stating that he’s going to be a financial consultant after going through Dave Ramsey‘s Financial coaching course and is in an area that has a lot of military service members and wondering what may be the best way to market his services. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook. Facebook is the ground-floor for marketing. If you have a business or service, you need to have a business Facebook page. A basic website. You need a space on the web that you can send people to for information. It doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but it must look professional. A business email address. It doesn’t look very professional to send people to an @aol.com or @gmail.com email address. Typically, the email address comes with the domain name for the website. I asked him to answer these questions for his own clarity: Do you have a unique perspective on personal finance? Are you confident your insights can help change the world or at least the financial world for the people you serve? He told me that his father-in-law is a retired service member. I said that he consult with him to see what types of financial issues that the average military personnel needs help with. Using this information to know how to market to them. Perhaps offering a free financial assessment that would lead to more services that he do and charge money for. Shelly McWilliams messaged me on FB wanting to know how to market her YouTube channel and connect with her viewers better. She also wants to make sure that she is creating content that is relatable and makes an impact. She has a great story of trying to find her birth mother in Seoul Korea. Half My Seoul YouTube I suggested that she should have an email list to collect email addresses and then be able to reach out that way. Offer an email lead magnet, something for free, for signing up. I suggested that the best way to be able to create relatable/impactful content might be to ask. Create a video that says “I want to create content that helps, what would help you?“ The number one goal of any business to serve the customer the best. Optimize your YouTube content so it’s searchable – Keyword in the title, meta description, and an image file. Create good titles – keep it simple, do keyword research, encourage viewers to watch Create clear and compelling Youtube thumbnails – Close-ups of faces Text overlays Brightly colored backgrounds Tasteful branding (a small logo or watermark in the corner of the image) Contrast and outlines (around people or objects) Make sure all your profile info is filled out. Anonymous contacted me about dealing with someone who is dealing with addiction. She’s been connected to this person for a long time. In a platonic friendship and as boyfriend/girlfriend. He’s let her know that he needs help with overcoming addiction. She’s let him know that she’s there for him. I’ve not dealt with this in my personal life. But I do know of some resources. Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud Keep Your Love On by Danny Silk Love him from a distance. Don’t separate from him, but realize that some space is needed. Don’t work on his freedom harder than he is. Don’t burn your end of the bridge. Keep in mind that this is going to be a long haul process. Addiction is a super hard thing to overcome, no matter the type of addiction. Pray for him. Photo by Austin Chan on Unsplash The post How To Market on Facebook, YouTube, and Deal with Addiction – Wheelhouse Podcast 02 appeared first on Bobby Shirley.
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