41 minutes | May 4, 2020

EP. #14 - WHO IS SHE? MEET THE HERB - Agrimony: for liver health, gut dysbiosis, and jaw tension

Well, the time has come and this episode is just me, my microphone, and my herbalism school notes.... And I gotta admit, I freaking loved recording this episode because it gave me the opportunity to spill the juice on something I’m so so SO passionate about. As if it wasn’t already clear that talking about herbs turns me into a serious Nerd with a capital N, this episode totally gives me away.  Okay, so here are some fast facts about agrimony… Agrimony’s general profile: It’s a part of the rose family It’s a liver support herb (In fact, its common name is ‘liverwort’. Cute, right?) It’s an astringent, so it’s cooling and drying Its flavor is bitter, pungent, with a mild sweet and sour Are you ready? Because I’m about to go into full-on herbalist mode and I hope you’re here for it! Read full show notes HERE Connect with Olivia HERE Shop Organic Olivia formulas HERE
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