22 minutes | Nov 13th 2020

True Happiness--Generosity Deepens Legacy

True happiness is not what you think. The modern theory of happiness is more equals happiness. As we begin to see God’s plan for our lives, we will recognize we are stewards, and God is the owner. Amazingly many have found that giving releases a new joy in our lives. A JOY and that money can never buy. Gunnar Johnson has been in stewardship and generosity ministry since 1999, starting with Crown Financial. He has served with Dave Ramsey as a financial coach and a class leader since 2001. While serving as Executive Pastor of Financial Stewardship at Gateway Church near Dallas, Texas, Gunnar helped architect one of the largest stewardship ministries in the country.Gunnar is the author of Generous Life Journey, the course Financial Freedom, Delete Debt and The Generous Church Journey. He served on the board for the Christian Stewardship Network for over ten years and ministers to people across Europe using the Financial Freedom International curriculum.
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