19 minutes | Jan 22nd 2021

The Schoolyard of Faith

Our topic today is, The Schoolyard of Faith. Some of us were privileged to grow-up in a Christian home and receive a great foundation for our walk of faith. In 2019 the organization, Ministry-to-children conducted a survey to answer the question, “How do Kids come to Christ?” According to their findings, nearly 50 percent of adult Christians found Jesus while still living at home, and their parents had the greatest influence on their Christian faith. It’s true, the schoolyard of faith is the home.  A place designed by God to equip the next generation with godly principles to build their life upon.  Our guests today are Tim and Kristin Overman. After dealing with infertility for seven years, God blessed them with biological children—five of them—five boys all under the age of 11.  They are homeschoolers, and active leaders in their local church. Kristin is a stay-at-home mom and runs the Weekday Preschool Ministry at their church.  They both are entrepreneurs at heart. Kristin started Abundant Days Education to support families with educational resources, and Tim has a fitness business.   
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