20 minutes | Nov 27th 2020

Redefining our Legacy: Investing in the next Generation

Let’s face it. Life happens way too quickly, and it passes us by almost overnight. Each time we turn around our children have changed. From diapers to teenage drivers before we know it.  Life happens. But don’t just let it happen. With a little intentionality the memories we build and the values we pass along can make a difference for those who follow in our footsteps. Our legacy is too important not to invest in the future generations of our family. The Godly example you give your family today will make it easier for your grandchildren to follow you in their walk with Christ. Dr. Brian Kluth is a best-selling author, inspirational speaker, and pastor. A frequent key-note speaker at financial conferences, conventions, and large churches. Dr. Kluth and his wife Mary Ellen want their legacy to live on through the ministries they have started in Africa. Together they have invested their lives into boys and girls of Uganda. 
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