28 minutes | Aug 7th 2017

Episode #20: Donor Data Privacy

Donor Data Privacy – Where it is now and where it appears to be going

In this episode, Birgit and Jim revisit the topic of Donor Data Privacy. They begin with the premise that just as nonprofit organizations believe that they ‘own’ the content of their websites and blogs, so donors believe that they ‘own’ their private data. They explore the chain of technical events that can move the data from an email to a full blown exploration of their data that can be used for fund raising.
They then describe the way that donor data has moved from a single identifier to an expansion that can tell the nonprofit how much a donor can afford to donate, and to which other nonprofits the donor may be contributing. The idea of the way in which Predictive Analysis has expanded is an interesting and perhaps frightening process.
Finally, Birgit describes how a nonprofit can and should control the data that the donor has loaned them. This includes discussions with the donor, making sure that donors can opt-in as opposed to opting-out. Software systems that allow the nonprofit to control the data in their possession completely is the capstone to this episode.

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