22 minutes | Jul 10, 2017

Episode #19: How to Stack Technology Tools for a Startup Nonprofit

In this episode, we're going to discuss technology stacking, specifically software. Stacking is a way to organize your software planning in such a way that from the very beginning to further down the line, you will not have to rework major parts of your plan due to forgetting important steps.  Let's go to the non-profit in start-up mode. A group of like-minded people working on an idea to better the world.  When the organization doesn't have a 501c3 status yet and is not eligible for offerings via TechSoup, it is also not yet eligible for Google for non-profits, nor for Microsoft Office 365. We'll discuss a path for founders to think through to the end vision. Before one starts the journey and as a result keeping the redo effort to a minimum. It's not always possible that everything is a journey into the unknown, especially in technology, but there are some basic principles that apply when one begins to think about untangling your private information from your organization's business.
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