70 minutes | Jun 21, 2020

Negotiating D&D

Episode 124 - Negotiating D&D (aka "Nicole, please don't @ me") There's more than one way round a problem, and this week the gents are joined by Dmitry Grozoubinski - an expert in negotiation and trade - to discuss how GMs and players can negotiate a session. The role of NPCs in a session, giving players what they want, the role of streaming games and the wealth of players on Reddit are discussed, among many interesting topics. You can follow Dmitry on Twitter, and for non-gaming related skills in negotiation, head over to explaintrade.com Get in touch, the lads love to hear from you! Facebook: facebook.com/thesmartparty Twitters: twitter.com/the_smart_party Email: thesmartparty@hotmail.com Ko-Fi: ko-fi.com/thesmartparty Patreons: patreon.com/thesmartparty
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