50 minutes | Jun 21, 2015

2: Noah

Ah, Noah. The classic Biblical tale of a man called by The Creator to rescue the animals of the Earth from a great flood on an ark he builds with the help of Giant Rock Monsters. Wait, what? On this week's episode of "What Would Jesus Watch?", Alex and Kate Doriot of PopGodBlog.com tackle to the 2014 epic "Noah" starring Russell Crowe and Emma Watson. It's a Biblical movie that never mentions the word "God" and feels more like a Marvel movie than a faith-based one. But that might not be such a bad thing as our hosts discover. Find out how they felt about all the liberties the film takes with the classic story, the hidden agendas at play, the role of women in the film and why they'd pay to see a Methuselah spin-off. Plus hear why they think a movie like "Noah" can bring more people to the Bible than a more traditional telling of the story. All that plus our new segment "Prayer Requests" on this episode of What Would Jesus Watch!
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