48 minutes | Jun 14, 2015

1: The Encounter

Ever wonder would it be like to hang out at a diner with Jesus? Pretty exhausting, apparently! That's the lesson learned in this week's premiere episode of What Would Jesus Watch! Hosted by Alex and Kate Doriot of PopGodBlog.com, this new podcast aims to explore the rapidly expanding genre of faith-based films one movie at a time. From big budget blockbusters to undiscovered oddities, Alex and Kate are out to give a fair shake to an often overlooked area of the cinema. Our first movie is The Encounter which finds 5 weary travelers (including pro wrestling legend Sting) convening at a mysterious diner run by Jesus himself. What will they discover about themselves over the course of dinner? And what kind of burrito can Jesus make? Find out all of this and more on What Would Jesus Watch!
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