48 minutes | Mar 21, 2022

34. The Impoverished Nobleman’s Pale Wallflower

Our quartet is coming to a close with the straight-talking, pale-looking, wallflower-being, cello-playing Iris [f21] who is sceptical but pleased to be focus of the attention of Sir Richard Kensworthy [m??]. However, after a whirlwind courtship, a little planned compromising, and a quick marriage, Iris arrives at Sir Richard’s estate to find that things are not all that they seem, and love at first sight may actually have been ‘unlikely to say no’ at first sight. It’s all about the secrets in this final episode of WWDD Season 4: who has them, who’s keeping them, and who’s about to let them out… Featuring: - The sister’s secret baby - Determined non-consummation - Convenient geographical distance - Team Flower Names! - Passive aggressive breakfasts - Terrible Sex Intros - Dogs and arrows and unicorns and kings - Intertextual bombshells - Adele throwing Rudi under the bus Here are is the media we talk about in this episode: - One Dance with a Duke - Tessa Dare - Nine Rules to Break When Romancing a Rake - - Sarah MacLean - Never Judge a Lady by her Cover - Sarah MacLean - The Viscount Who Loved Me - Julia Quinn - The Smythe-Smith Quartet - Julia Quinn - Just Like Heaven - Julia Quinn - A Night Like This - Julia Quinn - The Sum of All Kisses - Julia Quinn - The Secrets of Sir Richard Kenworthy - Julia Quinn - It’s in His Kiss - Julia Quinn - Center Stage, the film - Miss Butterworth and the Mad Baron, a graphic novel - Julia Quinn & Violet Charles This week, the straight-talking but secretly warm-hearted godmother we all need, Lady Danbury, hears from Ashton from Alexis Daria’s You Had Me at Hola, who has a deep secret and a new girlfriend. How do you balance intimacy and privacy when the stakes are really high? You can find out more about You Had Me At Hola here. If you would like to send us a What Would Danbury Do, simply record a voice memo on your phone with the letter and send it to us at bridgertonpod@gmail.com. We would love to hear from you and Lady Danbury is always prepared. Don’t forget you can find us on twitter and facebook @bridgertonpod and instagram @wwddpod and join the conversation using the hashtag #WWDDpod. You can also leave us a rating or review on your favourite podcast provider, including Spotify! Statistically, people who leave reviews have just really good butts. We’re delighted to bring you information about The Guilty Pleasure Game Show, part of the Frolic Podcast Network! Just like the 90’s, guilt-free pleasure is coming back! On this show, authors and co-hosts Laura Lovely and Lindsay Emory quiz your favorite authors, podcasters, and cool creatives about all the things they love, and no one feels bad about any of it! Come find your next guilty pleasure and the people who will celebrate it with you. You can find this fast and fun show at your favorite podcast app or at guiltypleasuregameshow.com This episode was recorded on the traditional and unceded land of the Gadigal, Wurundjeri and Boonwurrung people and edited by Rudi Bremer on Gadigal country. What Would Danbury Do is a proud member of Frolic Media. You can find great romance content and other fantastic podcasts by visiting the Frolic site.
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