39 minutes | Apr 3rd 2020

#5 Call to Being: What's Going on?!

It's clear something unprecedented is occurring on the Planet. In this episode Shannon shares the astrological cycles at play and how they are connected to Earth's recent history. This episode emphasizes the importance of being aware of the energy we are embodying during these times. In many ways these cycles are about the power of the people; and we are discovering like Dorothy, we've had the power all along.  Shannon shares an overall analogy that Earth is essentially changing to a healthier diet and experiencing some detox systems before a new level of collective vitality kicks in. A  new wave of energy from Pluto and Jupiter is carrying us into times of information and illumination. It' a happening time to be alive on Earth and in this episode listeners will gain  clarity in order to support them in synthesizing with these changing times.  Email your questions to info@shannonhugman.com, join the current energies updates list at www.shannonhugman.com and follow on IG @shannonhugman
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