44 minutes | Feb 3rd 2020

#3 Conscious Connection

In this episode Shannon discusses the importance of remaining connected to not only the Universe but also physical reality. She shares some calls to action as the current events are rapidly merging with the current energies of the cosmos. Learn how the Universe is a symphony orchestra, what a stellium means and a why it's her favourite aspect. This episode will give us some starting points to continue to educate ourselves, because in today's age, hope comes from learning.  In the episode Shannon refers to @gidimten_checkpoint @rachel.cargle on Instagram, www.unistoten.camp, https://www.theguardian.com/world/2019/dec/20/canada-indigenous-land-defenders-police-documents For more info on the Spring Equinox Connection Retreat visit: https://www.connectionretreats.ca/spring-equinox-edition For everything Shannon's got going on: www.shannonhugman.com Email questions or comments to info@shannonhugman.com 
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