120 minutes | Jan 27, 2021

Episode 18: Truth, But Make It Funny with Ron Placone

Comedian Ron Placone joins us for this joint! We talk about Ron’s journey into stand-up comedy, digital rights issues, pushing back against the current of corporate media, and, of course, cats cats cats. Lightening the collective mood while taking on the heavy stuff is the vibe here. Afterwards, Emily and Sarah talk about the first feels around the Biden administration, Democrats Democrating and bad neolib “feminist” readings of Bernie memes. FOLLOW RON https://www.ronplacone.com/ GET INVOLVED https://peoplesparty.org/ https://www.fightforthefuture.org/ Featured music is “Love Me I’m a Liberal” and “Bezos is Surveilling Your Town” by Ron Placone, and “I Miss You” by Emily Yates, courtesy of the artists. Ron Placone is a comedian. He appears regularly on The Jimmy Dore Show and has been seen on CrossTalk, TMZ, FreeSpeechTV, The Young Turks, Redacted Tonight and more. His debut album, “Agnostic Holiday” is in rotation on SiriusXM. He hosts the YouTube show/podcast, Get Your News On With Ron.
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