82 minutes | Dec 17, 2020

Episode 15: The Times, They are a-Rhymin' with Dr. Matthew Heidtmann

Happy episode 15 of What the Folk! In this episode we are joined by historian, writer and educator, Dr. Matthew Heidtmann. We talk about the importance of teaching history, making academia accessible to a wider audience, and all those great myths of imperialism and exceptionalism that we swim in as Americans. History may not repeat, but it definitely rhymes. Then afterwards, Emily and Sarah talk about pandemic politics and gendered culture...but also about Finding Nemo and small town Colorado restaurant drama. Featured music is “Foreign Policy Folk Song” by our own Emily Yates. Matthew Heidtmann is an historian, educator, writer, and union organizer. He got his PhD in History from Stony Brook University, and he is currently an Adjunct Professor of History at Suffolk County Community College, in Long Island, NY. His research focuses on American progressivism, conservatism, and capitalism during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century. He occasionally writes about topics relating to history, politics, and political culture, and his writing has appeared in ROAR Magazine, Truthout, and even in The Washington Post. You can follow Dr. Heidtmann at https://matthewheidtmann.com/ Twitter: @ East_Coast_Matt
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