94 minutes | Nov 18, 2020

Episode 13: Building Unions & Busting Borders with Dr. Tracy Ferrell

On this episode we are joined by Dr. Tracy Ferrell from CU Boulder. We discuss the challenges and opportunities around labor organizing in academia, the campus experience under Covid, and her research around immigration and medical marijuana patients. We also talk about the power of stories to inspire empathy and break down borders. After the interview, Emily envisions a self-sustaining system and Sarah attempts to quote Ram Dass and Jason Molina with questionable accuracy. Oh yeah, and I guess there was an election or something? Soooo we hope you enjoy profanity. UNITED CAMPUS WORKERS COLORADO https://www.ucwcolorado.org/ DR. FERRELL’S BOOK https://toplightbooks.com/product/migrating-for-medical-marijuana/ Featured songs are “Bastille” and “Riverboat” by The Red Tack, and "The System Isn't Broken" by our own Emily Yates, courtesy of the artists. CHECK OUT THE RED TACK https://www.facebook.com/TedTheRedTack/ GUEST BIO: Tracy Ferrell, Ph.D., is on the faculty of the program for writing and rhetoric at the University of Colorado, Boulder. Her research and teaching interests include Latin American literature and culture, Mexico and U.S. border issues, immigration, and drug policy/the drug war. She lives in Boulder, Colorado.
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