32 minutes | Jan 13th 2019

14: Frequent travelers: sending a 2nd message, who pays on first date, dating preferences in 20s vs 30s, men being emotionally present, talk on Instagram vs app

Two frequent travelers, Patricia and Anna answer your questions.


Send in your questions: makeonlinedatingfun.com/questions

This episode covers:

- After we match, if you don't respond the first time I send a message, should I send another?

- After we match, if you follow me on Instagram, what's the next step? Do we talk there, or on the dating app?

- Who pays on the first date, what do you prefer?

- What's a good first date activity? What's one that is boring or overdone?

- How have you evolved in your dating preferences from 20 to 30?

- How important is it that your partner be emotionally present during sex? If so, what does emotional presence look like to you?


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