32 minutes | Jan 7th 2019

13: best places to meet besides online, turn-ons before sex, turn-ons during sex, opposites attracting, when she follows you Instagram, final things they appreciate men doing

Answering your questions about dating and sex we have:

- Christina Weber, founder of Deepen

- Ozzie Osbourne, a love & relationship coach with a podcast of her own: "The Sexy Shift"

Plus Ozzie is collaborating with me to host a dating workshop in LA on January 17th 2019. Get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/laWorkshop

Send in your questions: makeonlinedatingfun.com/questions

This episode covers:

- What are your biggest turn-ons before sex?

- What are your biggest turn-ons during sex?

- There's a phrase "opposites attract". Has that been true in your good relationships?

- After we match, if you follow me on Instagram, what's the next step? Do we talk there, or on the dating app?

- What do you look for on someone's Instagram? What stands out? What's meh?

- Outside of online dating, what are the best venues to meet potential partners?

- Any last things you really appreciate when guys do?


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