28 minutes | Jan 5th 2019

12: how can men help when her work affects libido, how to tell she has a high sex drive, kickstarting her sex drive, first date topics, length of sex, how to help her ask for what she wants

Answering your questions about dating and sex we have:

- Christina Weber, founder of Deepen

- Ozzie Osbourne, a love & relationship coach with a podcast of her own "The Sexy Shift". 

Plus Ozzie is collaborating with me to host a dating workshop in LA on January 17th 2019. Get your tickets here: http://bit.ly/laWorkshop

Send in your questions: makeonlinedatingfun.com/questions

This episode covers:

- What are the first date topics that meaningful and enjoyable for you to talk about?

- What are your top 2 languages of love?

- What do you find attractive about men’s bodies?

- What do you think is the solution to your work stress affecting your dating and libido? What can men do to help you with that?

- How long is your ideal sex session (the in and out portion, not the foreplay)? What is the minimum amount of time that is satisfactory? Conversely, how much time before it’s too long?

- Please rate your sex drive compared to the average woman’s.

- What behaviors in your partner help you be open and clear with your sexual requests?

- How do you like to be asked during sex what you like and want?

- How can a man tell if a woman has a high or low sex drive?

- What are things that you've found men can do to kick-start your sex drive with them? To create conditions for having that higher interest in sex?


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