41 minutes | Sep 26th 2019

Podcast - Episode 4: Nate Murphy

On this episode I talk with the great Nate Murphy. Nate is a rock climber, adventurer, entrepreneur, and van life aficionado with nearly 160,000 subscribers to his YouTube channel. From the moment I started this podcast, I knew I wanted to get Nate on as a guest because he is particularly thoughtful about one of the questions I’m most interested in: how to spend your time according to what you want, and not what society expects. I was super excited to get ahold of him in his van in Catalonia to talk about that and more - enjoy!Show links include:What would happen if you committed to your passion? (One of Nate’s videos, highly recommended)How I changed my life (also recommended) The Nate Murphy Adventure Show Nate’s Life Monitor Planner for downloadArt of Happiness, by Matthieu Ricard Get full access to What Really Matters at www.russellmaxsimon.com/subscribe
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