46 minutes | Sep 14th 2019

Podcast - Episode 3: Frederique Irwin

For this episode, I talked with Frederique Irwin about her family’s recent year of working and living in New Zealand. We talk about parenting, travel, the challenges and rewards of living abroad, the cultural differences between raising kids in the U.S. vs. New Zealand, and her family’s re-entry to the U.S. earlier this Summer.Show links include:DC2NZ, the blog that Frederique’s family kept throughout the yearWhether to stay in New Zealand, by FrederiqueHer Corner (Frederique’s company): business coaching for womenP.S. What Really Matters is now available on major podcast apps! Be sure to search for “What Really Matters” along with my name, Russell Max Simon. Please subscribe, and share! Get full access to What Really Matters at www.russellmaxsimon.com/subscribe
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