28 minutes | Sep 4th 2020

Regulatory self-assurance - insights from a leading NZ provider

On this episode of the podcast, Kylie Wilson, CEO of the New Zealand School of Tourism joins Claire to share her insights on regulatory self-assurance.

Recent reports have recommended that ASQA should look at the New Zealand Qualifications Authority's approach when they design their new regulatory model. Kylie explains how different the NZQA's approach is from our current audit model in Australia and why she's passionate about the role the NZQA's reviews play in helping her improve her institution.

The most recent NZQA report on the New Zealand School of Tourism is available on the NZQA website (scroll down to external reviews).  The NZQA is 'Highly Confident' (the highest ranking) in the NZ School of Tourism's educational performance and their capacity for self-assessment.

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