60 minutes | May 25th 2020

S2E38 -Chapter Thirty-Eight: An Ever-Expanding Universe!

Because the internet is clearly starved for more Star Wars content (#starwars), this latest chapter of What Mad Universe is about Star Wars! It's the center of the pop cultural solar system, but orbiting around the red giant that is the movies are dozens of tie-in novels, comics, video games, TV shows and all kinds of other spinoffs. Some of these have managed to make their own dent in the popular consciousness, and some of them have been forgotten, or even deliberately stricken from the record. It all started with Splinter Of The Mind's Eye, a 1978 novel by Alan Dean Foster, ground zero for the Star Wars expanded universe, and a fascinating look at a parallel pop cultural reality. In this episode we're joined by Starwarsologist and friend of the show Will Staples to take a deep delve into all the minor detritus found circling that galaxy far, far away.

Note: this publicly-available episode has been seriously edited; the original version ran over half an hour longer and featured a discussion on the Star Wars Holiday Special and confusion over whether Princess Leia ever uses a lightsaber. Support either of us on Patreon and you can hear the whole thing, plus listen to the show a week early every time!

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