54 minutes | Oct 26th 2020

S2E17 -Chapter Forty-Nine: Dracula Retold!

As we lurch towards Halloween here at What Mad Universe?!?, we descend into the vaults to examine a historical mystery: the 1901 novel Powers of Darkness, which just so happens to be the Icelandic translation of Dracula. Except it isn't. In 2014 it was discovered that this book was in fact significantly different from the English text, adding subplots and characters and even a new, intriguing motivation for the vampire count. Is it an early draft of Stoker's? A rogue translator? Something else? We pack our shovels and journey to distant, exotic lands in order to dig up the truth in this latest episode! (Check out our Patreons for the bonus-length episode featuring a discussion of Turkish Dracula, in cast you needed yet another Dracula...)

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Engineer/Producer: Alex Ross

Theme song by Jack Feerick

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