38 minutes | Aug 12, 2018

Public Apology

In this Episode I sit down with Twan once again.   We talk about Shiggy publicly apologizing to his girl on Instagram for sliding in other girls DM. Twan has been in this position before publicly apologizing to his girl on social media. Is apologizing to your girl or your significant other something we should be doing? Would you like to be apologized to through social media if someone does you wrong? We dig into all the details!  We then get into Amber Rose. On Instagram she posted something that said "If 50 men call a women a hoe you will believe it; But if 50 men are accused of rape it is questionable? Is this a fair question?    Tune in to find out what we think!   I love you more than you know   #OperationCompleteHuman   Subcribe and tell one friend! 
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