50 minutes | Jul 21, 2018

Lebron James coming to LA, Is drake really the Drake of all time?

Nate and Twan share their perspectves of Lebron coming to LA. Should there be an expectation for him to win the finals? Is he the grestest laker of all time? How will Lonzos game adjust with Lebron? We discuss the Lesean Mccoy situation being accused of beating up ex grilfriend in jewlry robery and how we are publicily guilty before proven innocent. How serious should we take evry claim of domestic abuse?  Is carles oakley a idiot for trying to steal the poker chips from Vegas?  We go over Drkes scorpon album. Did he hurt hisself by doing a double album? Is he the grestetst of all time? Does he actually make good album or is he just a singles guy? Where would Chris brown be if he didnt beat Riahnna up?   Tune in! Great start to a new content coning to "What is your perspecive" New guest host coming often! Expect an episode a week talking about sports, popculture, and self growth and more!   @youngharris11 @_deantwan   I love you more than you know! #OperationCompleteHuman   Contact: Email: whatisyourperspective@gmail.com          
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