38 minutes | Jun 18, 2018

Is Lebron erasing Kobe's Greatness?

STOP CHANGING THE NARRATIVE FOR YOUR FAVORITE PLAYER. Jamaal is a Kobe fanatic and feels that in recent years since the Lebron and the Jordan Debate continues, as if Kobe is being left out and disrespected. He comes on and shares his opinion on why KOBE should not be left out of the GREATEST OF ALL TIME debate. I defend Lebron on why he is critisized by some of the same things that other greats did not get criticized for! I do not care about who is the greatest of all time but if Lebron gets swept in the finals I don’t want to hear an excuse on why Kobe got swept the playoffs. KEEP THE ENRGY THE SAME! Im tired of people picking and choosing what they want to criticize in a player just to fit their favorite player in the greatest of all time category. KEEP THE ENRGY THE SAME! TUNE IN!   I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW   #OPERATIONCOMPLETEHUMAN
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