59 minutes | Jul 28, 2018

"First Team All Common Sense"

In this eiposode we have Nate, Deantwan and QUEEN ASHLYN. We start off recapping power (ashlyn doesn't watch power, weirdo) and the different directions they may go.  We talk about Nia Wilson the young lady who was stabbed on the BART train station by a man with a unknown motive. Some have instantly called it racially motivated. Do we jump to call it racially motived to soon? We must bring outrage when someone kills one of our own, But do we bring the same outrage when we kill our own? We then get into talking about ANNE Hathaway who stood up and brought attention to the inequalities that African Americans face in this country. We not only need ourselves but we need everybody! We then get into this Instagram "beef" between 50 Cent and Floyd Mayweather. Did they take it too far? Is this for publicity?  Cj Mccullen had Kevin Durrant on his podcast and they had a pretty ineresting conversation. It seems that Kevin Durant has A lot of Confidence now but is he still insecure?  Has clout chasing gone too far? Is this generaiton more focused on fame or focused on makig money? Or is it a combination of both? We talk about the kid who was a waiter and wrote racist slurs on his reciept to get likes on intagram.  Tekashi 69 got robbed and the queation is did he deserve it? Some people dont belive that it actually happened. They think that he did ths for promotion for his new song "FEFE" What do yout think? TUNE IN! YOULL ENJOY! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN YOU KNOW OPERATION COMPLETE HUMAN  @_deantwan @ashlynharriss @youngharris11  
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