59 minutes | Sep 16, 2018

Are all Feminist ANTI men?

Welcome back to another episode of What is Your Perspective? Where our goal is create diague and understand to bring our world together!  In this Episdoe we have guest appearance made by Miss Mckenzie Joy Smalley. In this eipisode we talk about Nike Featuring Collin Kaeprnick.  We then spend a lot of time on feminism. What it is, what women are fighting for, the different levels of feminism, how feminism can affect gender roles, and if all feminist ANTI-men. Mckenzie breaks this all down for us so we have a better unerstading of her perpective on feminism.  We then dive in shortly about abortions, if they should be legal or not. Mckenzie being adopted. Spreading love for Kanye West. and more!!  @Mckenzie_joy I love you more than you know #OperationCompleteHuman
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