62 minutes | Oct 18, 2021

23. Gratitude.

Amanda and Jessica wrap up season one with this final episode, all about Gratitude. As they both hold gratitude in high regard in the work they do and the world as they see it. In this episode they share the beauty that living from place of gratitude can offer your world. When we start looking at life with the lens of "where can I find gratitude?" and holding that intention in the moments of our life; both the brilliant bright ones and the hard ones as we navigate through ... that is when experiential wisdom unfolds. Gratitude and love live on the same frequency and when you feel one you attract the other.  The God connection is expanded from a place of gratitude. Thank you for being here with us, we send you so much love and look forward to seeing in Season Two. Where can you connect with us:Instagram:@amanda.joy.loveland@jessica.lee.devenishFacebook:Amanda Joy LovelandJessica Carnesecca DevenishGroup: What is personal is universalWebsite:www.amandajoyloveland.comwww.devenishduo.comAmandas Podcast:Leaving Religion found on spotify and apple
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