51 minutes | Sep 13, 2021

18. There is freedom in knowledge.

Our world is going through a death right now, and Amanda and Jessica believe there is a need to have a conversation about the reality of how this may be affecting you. There is a grieving taking place because what we once knew, has become an illusion in many ways. There is freedom in knowledge. Knowledge aids in finding your inner power so you can better navigate the world around you. Following a story they learned about of a North Korean woman, Yeonmi Park who escaped oppression; they felt strongly her story needs to be shared. Her story had both Amanda and Jessica in tears. Completely stunned learning the ties and control that China holds not only for North Korea but the entire world.  So much so, that they feel compelled to state that they feel strongly every citizen in the United States of America should hear her story. It is a wake up call. The more we learn, the more we all need to share. Yeonmi Park released a book in 2015 called "In order to survive; A North Korean Girl's Journey to Freedom".  And with the world's current events her story is getting much attention. They first learned of her story through The Joe Rogan Experience podcast released on August 3, 2021 episode# 1691.  They have since learned of several other podcast interviews you may find of her story. This episode brings some passionate ideologies that both Amanda and Jessica share.  This episode was recorded nearly a week before the recent White House Administration released the new orders for vaccines and testing. Now more than ever they feel it is critical to educate yourself on your personal rights and freedoms.They encourage listeners to research  The Nuremberg Code. There are 10 important points we should all be aware of.  The code is considered to be some of the most important documents in the history of clinical research ethics which has a massive influence on global human rights. It was created in 1947 in Nuremberg Germany, following the trial of a group of Nazi doctors following WWII accused of conducting inhumane and often deadly experiments on prisoners in concentration camps without their consent. Many Americans are feeling some fear for their own personal sovereignty for themselves and their families. The intention of this episode is to share knowledge and information learned.Please like, share and subscribe.
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