50 minutes | Aug 16, 2021

14. Self empowerment. Where do your answers and light reside?

Amanda and Jessica both find commonality in their personal desire to seek truth, and are committed to self empowerment in their worlds.  Empowering from a soul spirit level. We are the creator of our destiny and master of our fate when we find ourselves coming back to our own wholeness within self.  That is where the answers and our light reside.Jessica shares the idea that we will undoubtedly get knocked down, and experience hardships. And that is where we find the gifts in our journey;  when we are open and curious to the belief that there could be something there for us to help us grow. Amanda shares that true self empowerment comes from being willing to look at yourself intimately.  The relationships of her life are where she has learned the most about her own self.  Our experiences are really about our own inner state, what we are holding and what is asking to be looked at. They both express the power of gratitude and how it can shift us. Diving into helicopter parenting, being the eye of the storm, family patterning, power of our energetic hearts, dis-ease in the body,  unwinding things that are no longer serving us, every day boulders that happen in our life. Trusting the world is in service to you! References:Michael Singer; The Surrender Experiment Book. Living from a place of surrender course. Where can you connect with us:Instagram:@amanda.joy.loveland@jessica.lee.devenishFacebook:Amanda Joy LovelandJessica Carnesecca DevenishGroup: What is personal is universalWebsite:www.amandajoyloveland.comwww.devenishduo.com 
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