61 minutes | Jul 12, 2021

09. Part 2. Healthy co-creative relationships. Co-create a life by design!

So glad you're here. Welcome to part two of healthy co-creative relationships. In this episode we expand and deep dive into our personal experiences  and the power of healthy relationships. We are passionate about CREATING A LIFE BY DESIGN in the relationships of our life. Jessica and Amanda share a whole wheelhouse of tools to use on a daily basis AND questions for you to ask yourself and go within to create or expand your healthy relationships. Often in finding who we are, a good place to start is to learn who we are not!  We share our beliefs that a good friendship is an important foundation to a healthy marriage/relationship.  Going through painful experiences with those we love are in fact painful, hard and  can be  very challenging; AND once you get to the other side of those times you can often bring out the best in each other.  When we can hold space for each other in a safe and loving way we create a container of safety and non-judgement. Don't know how to hold space for someone? We share how from our experiences. How are you showing up in your relationships? Are you giving what you want to receive?  What does your communication look like? Are you committed to listening to your partner vs. committed to misunderstanding them?  What brings you joy in your relationship? These are just a few areas we touch on.  This conversation was one of our favorites, as we are both passionate about healthy co-creative relationships. Where can you connect with us outside of this podcast?Instagram:@amanda.joy.loveland @jessica.lee.devenishFacebook: Amanda Joy Loveland Jessica Carnesecca DevenishGroup: What is personal is universalWebsite:www.amandajoyloveland.comwww.devenishduo.com 
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