41 minutes | Nov 18, 2019

What if you were hit by a car?

The Juicy BitsHow someone becomes mean (2:04)The experience of getting hit by a car (2:45)What if feels like when your soul shifts out of your body (4:30)The difference between the human body & soul (6:14)Turning Inward Podcast (9:25)How to shift your identity (10:45)What mixing skepticism & curiosity creates (13:01)How to identify your life purpose (15:02)Aspiration v. Ambition (15:55)How to make the impossible, possible (17:13)Showing up is 80% of the work (19:38)When life looks right, but doesn’t feel right, what do you do? (22:49)How when nothing changes, everything changes (24:59)When you know it’s you who needs to change, not someone else (25:35)Why your dreams coming true is scary (28:40)Is regret real? (30:20)The problem with self-help, and how we can move away from it (32:11)Accepting our natural evolution and human design (33:58)Breaking ingrained habits again and again (37:14)
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