35 minutes | Jan 27th 2021

The Beautiful Spaces - part 2

We believe that all of us have more in common than we have in conflict. We have conversations with people from all walks of life, who may not appear to have much in common with one or both of us.This time we continue our conversation with visionary, and author of The Mosaic, Daniel Levin. We talk about the power of loving for no reason, how fear interferes with connections, liking the people we hate, the importance of being ourselves, shifting our focus, and more!This conversation was full of surprises, as we discovered what we like about each other.To learn more about Daniel, you can visit his website www.danielbrucelevin.com Don't forget to support this show by leaving us a positive review, and by following us on social media. Also be sure to listen to our other podcasts When The Bough Breaks www.wtbbpod.com, and Turn Up The AC www.acfischerpod.comThank you for listening!
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