28 minutes | Feb 8th 2021

Conversational Activism - part 2

We believe that all of us have more in common than we have in conflict. We have conversations with people from all walks of life, who may not appear to have much in common with one or both of us.This time we conclude our conversation with aviation engineer, world traveler, and self-proclaimed "conversational activist" Jonathan Rivera about how he's managed to find common ground with some of the most seemingly incompatible people in the world.Please support this show by leaving us a positive review, and by following us on social media. You can also buy us a coffee by following the link on our website www.likeaboutyoupod.comBe sure to listen to our other podcasts When The Bough Breaks www.wtbbpod.com, and Turn Up The AC www.acfischerpod.comThanks to itsjustnikia https://theexpecteffectpod.com for this week's voiceovers!Thank you for listening!
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