130 minutes | Apr 14, 2021

Episode 222: World Championship Wrestling 04-12-1986

And then the Peacock arrived. Poof!Here is another watch-along from the great year of 1986. But can you watch-along? Probably not, since everything is on the Cock right now and the WWE Network is no more. However, Conrad and Tony are here with the great interviews you remember and the stories from the past from the April 12th edition of WCW.So, even though the WWE wants you to forget the glory days of Jim Crockett Promotions, we will do just the opposite.Get ready to hit play and watch or listen along...in...3...2...1Support us on Patreon, get this show early and ad free, plus TONS of BONUS content: patreon.com/WHWMondayLike us on Facebook: facebook.com/WHWMondayCheck out all the new cool merchandise at BoxOfGimmicks.comBuy a shirt at LoisRules.comSubscribe to our YouTube channel: youtube.com/whwSave thousands at Savewithconrad.com
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